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Mr. Robert V. Izdepski


New Orleans LA, 70442

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Commercial saturation diver (25 yrs.), expert in scuba, u/w welding, salvage, international investigations, 3rd world class-action PR management, Writer, Editor, Spanish spoken, public speaker, expert in hyperbaric chambers and DCS, Rigging and Maritime expert trainer, investigation teams for S. America, N. America, video documentary investigations, agro-chemical toxic exposure 3rd world experience, rivers, jungles, mountains penetrated, large scale humanitarian aid experience, victim rescue, challenges accepted.

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My work experience relevant to being a company representative for offshore oilfield diving and construction began in 1976. Diving safety has always been foremost in my mind. My diving experience includes inspection but focuses upon offshore construction and salvage with heavy rigging and U/W welding/burning. I have worked in every aspect of oilfield diving and have spent many years leading teams safely through dangerous circumstances, upon and below the sea and on land. Physically, I have remained fit. As the father of eight, I have acquired the leadership qualities more than equal to the requirements of oilfield consultation and inspection.


Commercial saturation diver, hyperbaric welder, dive safety expert, Third World Human Rights investigator and class-action lawsuit field-director/consultant, video investigations and accident re-enactments, scuba/commercial dive magazine publisher, offshore oilfield consultant, welding and fabrication, Bobcat operator, hyperbaric medicine consultant, writer, speaker, President of Sub Ocean Safety.



Undersea oilfield consultant on call for Twachmann, Snyder and Byrd, Houston, TX, consultations for attorneys on 3rd world class-action litigation, video productions, expert witness on one scuba case and three commercial diving cases, attorney consultations regarding dive accidents.

2007 -
President: Sub Ocean Safety -
Foreign Investigations

2006 -

President Sub Ocean Safety (SOS)
Technical writer, Bob Cat, welder, tree service, hurricane Katrina clean up.
Offshore Oilfield Consultant

2005 -
President, SOS; Bob Cat, welder, tree service, hurricane Katrina clean-up.

2004 -
President, SOS; Bob Cat, welder, tree service, writer, article consultant and subject of the Natural Resources Defense Council's magazine, "ON EARTH", lead article, fall 2004, Dying for Red Gold.

2003 -
President, SOS; Bob Cat, welder, tree service.
Inspection diver.

2002 -
President, SOS
Documentary host/consultant for the National Geographic Channel on the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua.
Began Master's Degree Program in Hyperbaric Medicine at St. Eustatius School of Medicine, Netherlands Antilles.

President SOS, Keynote speaker at the International Cave Diver's Conference in Merida, Mexico Welding and fabrication.

2000- President SOS, investigated reports of agro-chemical poisoning in Panama and Costa Rica, welding and fabrication.

President, SOS; gathered relief and chartered LCM ship to deliver 180 tons of aid directly to Indians along the Miskito Coast in response to Hurricane Mitch.

President SOS; on ground reconnaissance of Honduras immediately after Hurricane Mitch. Organized and sent first relief ship to Isla Guanaha, Honduras. Consultant for and subject of lead story for Reuters Reports.
Welding and fabrication

President, SOS
Installed two hyperbaric chambers in Central America and trained doctors.

President, SOS
Welding and fabrication

President, Sub Ocean Safety. Board of Directors:
The eminent, late Professor Bernard Q. Nietschmann of UC Berkley
Dr. Tom Millington, Thousand Oaks, CA
David Youngblood, MD, MPH, Tropical Medicine, Hawaii,
Dr. Keith Van Meter, New Orleans
Dr. Jolie Bookspan, Philadelphia
Publisher: The Universal Diver Magazine
Subject of Cornel University's Journal of Indigenous Issues, Fall, 1995

Founded Sub Ocean Safety with Dr. Tom Millington.
Publisher: The Universal Diver Magazine
Completed the world's largest underwater welding project, Cancun, MX

Publisher/Editor: The Working Diver Magazine
Saturation diver/welder Sub Sea Intl.

Publisher/Editor: The Working Diver Magazine
Construction diver/welder for McDermott and Oceaneering Intl.

Construction/Saturation diver for Cal Dive.
Began publishing The Working Diver Magazine

Construction diver for Global Divers
Solo rescue of saturation dive bell w/two men inside, 218 fsw.

Pile Drivers Local 43, Oakland, CA- Diver, welder and pile driver
Solano County College welding program, Fairfield, CA
American River College welding program, Sacramento, CA
Certified in 5-G open groove pipe, SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW
Metallurgy and Blueprint reading
Offshore oilfield welder, Santa Barbara, CA
Fisheries diver, Prince William Sound, AK

Tender, Diver/Tender, Diver, Mixed Gas and Saturation Diver to 472 fsw.
Gulf of Mexico, Bay of Campeche, South Chilean Sea
Delgado College, Emergency Medical Technician, New Orleans, LA
Oceaneering, Solus Ocean Systems, Odd Berg, Diavaz, Martech, Shaffer Diving

Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving, tree service, sea urchin diver.

Owner of Tree Service, Carmichael, CA
American River College, Carmichael, CA
Certified, NAUI Scuba Diver, Dolphin Swim School, Sacramento, CA

La Sierra High School,
Carmichael, CA


Currently enrolled in Master's Degree program in Hyperbaric Medicine, Professor Duncan Kirby, Ph.D., Sint Eustacius School of Medicine, Netherlands Antilles.

Expert Witness: (Full listing available upon request)

  • 2005: James Witherow VS Misner Marine, No. 02-CA-009668, Hillsborough County Court, FL, Judge Perry A. Little, 7-23-2005. Jury trial ending in 6.8 M verdict.
  • 2007: Martin Karson VS Scuba Systems Ltd., Cook County, IL, No.05L6886C. Ongoing. More cases available for review.

Published Articles: 

"The Miskito Dichotomy", 6,000 words published in the South Pacific Underwater Medical Society Journal. Publisher/writer for the Working Diver Magazine and The Universal Diver- Fifty plus articles on Commercial and Sport Diving.


The Commercial Diver's Training Manual, edit and rewrite of 20 chapters. Best Publishing, Jim Joiner, President. Completed in September, 2006.
I list a few chapters herein:

  • Offshore Diving
  • Inshore Diving
  • Navigation
  • U/W Photography
  • Seagoing and Underwater Emergencies
  • Rigging
  • Inspection

Speaking Engagements:

  • Spoke before the International Meeting of the Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society;
  • Main Presenter for the International Cave Diving Association;
  • Keynote Speaker for "Miskito Divers", UC Berkeley;
  • Keynote Speaker for "The Miskito Coast: Workplace or War Zone?", Tulane University.
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